Professional Organising Services in Bayside, Melbourne.

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Hi! I'm Melissa

Your Bayside Organising Expert

Specialising in hands-on decluttering and organising.

My mission is to simplify your living spaces with practical solutions that make it easy to keep your home in order.  

  • Are you feeling snowed under or overwhelmed at home? 

  • Are you dreaming about decluttering and creating a more harmonious and efficient home for you and your family?

  • Perhaps you just can’t find the time to tackle everything that needs your attention?

  • Relocating and feeling overwhelmed with the huge task?

  • Have a holiday rental and want to increase bookings with proven enhancement service?

I can help!
 I offer practical solutions – from the small stuff like a messy cupboard or pantry right through to full home makeovers. 

And I can guarantee my solutions are practical and will actually help  – not “Pinterest Perfect” but perfect for you!

Organising what you don’t have time to do!

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Services & Packages

Declutter & reorganise your home

I'm here to make your life easier!

I offer professional organising and decluttering services and packages to help individuals and families create a sense of order in their homes.

I am completely non-judgmental (I’ve seen it all!) and I love refreshing people’s lives by introducing practical systems that simplify our busy lives.

This is particularly true in times of change. I can provide a helping hand with those times in your life such as:

  • New baby
  • New job
  • Downsizing
  • Moving home
  • Kids starting school
  • Returning to work

So let me make your life easier by organising your home, office, kitchen, pantry, wardrobe, moving house, consignment selling, running errands or maintenance & repairs and more!

What does a Professional Organiser do?

I offer a wide range of services from decluttering and home organisation to personal concierge and small business administration support. 

I work with busy families and individuals to make their lives more relaxed, orderly and in control – both at work and at home. 

“A place for everything and everything in its place”

Isabella Beeton

How it Works

Your home... more beautiful

Experienced and personable, I'm here to help.

Step 1: Initial Discussion

We will have an initial discussion over phone to discuss your basic needs.

Step 2: Consultation/Quote

Complimentary 30 minute in home consultation to discuss in more depth the areas of your home that need attention and identify spaces such as clutter hot-spots and trouble zones. I will provide you with an estimated time frame for how long each of these areas will take to declutter and reorganise.

Step 3: Decluttering & Sorting

Sit back and relax while I declutter & sort your chosen living spaces. I will provide guidance on what to keep and what to purge but the ultimate decision is yours.I fully understand the sensitivity around decluttering well loved possessions so rest assured you will never be made to throw out anything you don’t wish to. 

Step 3: Reorganising

Now is the time for me to tidy and reorganise the freshly decluttered spaces and put some practical and functional systems into place that suit your family or individual needs (and your lifestyle).I will provide recommendations on storage solutions where needed and either work with the items you have or arrange to purchase whatever is required (that also suits your budget).

Why choose me?

Your mess is my happy place

I can help you achieve a sense of calm in your home.

I truly believe that if you’re organised, your life is calmer, your head clearer, and you can achieve just about anything.

As a mother of three, living in Bayside for 11 years, juggling work and family commitments has given me plenty of opportunity to practice what I preach.

  • I love Organising (your mess is my happy place).
  • I’ll share with you all my expert tips and tricks I have gathered along the way.
  • All my solutions are practical and work in real, every day family life.
  • I’ll give you guidance on what to let go and what to keep.
  • I am personable, friendly, reliable and accepting.
  • I’m empathetic and caring – I love helping others.
  • I’ll take on big or small jobs – but the minimum is 3 hours.
  • I will take your unwanted items to your local op-shop or can even sell certain items for you.
  • We can work alongside each other for all or part of the process or I can complete the task independently (the choice is yours).

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I can come to your home and find out more about your needs and budget.