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About Melissa

Helping you when life gets too busy

Hello! I'm the founder of One Organised Woman.

I truly believe that if you’re organised, your life is calmer, your head clearer, and you can achieve just about anything.

As a mother of three, living in Bayside for 11 years, juggling work and family commitments has given me plenty of opportunity to practice what I preach.

Being resourceful and practical not only comes naturally, it is vital to me fulfilling my day-to-day responsibilities.

Most importantly, it also ensures sufficient down time for fun (read: family, friends, fitness, nutrition and travel).

My natural, energetic desire to help others – and a tendency to like the tasks most people consider chores, fuelled my passion to start up my own Professional Organising business: One Organised Woman.

Suffice to say, I work with busy families and individuals to make their lives more relaxed, orderly and in control, both at work and home.

In addition to tapping into my enthusiasm for creating order everywhere, One Organised Woman draws on diverse knowledge acquired over 15 years. Professionally I have worked with Coles Myer Group, Diageo (Sydney) and run my own small business. Academically I have my Bachelor of Business and Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

Of course, I didn’t realise it at the time, but managing teams of up to 25 people in finance and accounting services gifted me transferable skills in recruitment, training, project and change management. In addition I forged relationships with clients and colleagues I’m fortunate to still nurture today.

Please contact me and let me help you achieve that sense of calm which comes with being more organised and in control and allowing you to focus on the things that matter most.

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What services do I offer?

From small to large decluttering and organising projects