Professional Organising Services in Bayside, Melbourne.

One Organised Woman Services

Decluttering & organising for busy people

Practical solutions and affordable packages.

  • Declutter any room in your home including kitchens, bedrooms, garages and offices.
  • Set up systems and spaces that are functional and easy for you to maintain
  • Create long term solutions for your clutter ‘hot spots’
  • Declutter and reorganise wardrobes and storage areas in your home
  • Identify the clothing you really love (and want to wear) from the items that are purely taking up precious space in your wardrobe
  • Create practical solutions for storing your clothing and accessories so you will always know the location of your favourite jeans, your prized jacket and your go to weekend favourites.
  • Bring your pantry back to life with a pantry makeover
  • Declutter, sort, clean and tidy your pantry creating a highly organised space sure to put a smile of your face each mealtime.
  • Labelled storage solutions to keep everything fresh and tidy.
  • Declutter your home prior to selling or moving
  • Assist with packing and unpacking
  • Provide advice and guidance when setting up your new home and kitchen
  • Set up practical systems in your new home to keep things organised and tidy
  • Sell your unwanted items on a variety of selling platforms (anything from clothing, toys, and household items to furniture)
  • My consignment fee is 50% of the final sell price.
  • Take care of the little (personal) details in life so you can focus on the important things.
  • Carry out household errands – pay bills, grocery shopping, postage errands, organising quotes and services for cleaners and tradesmen.
  • Carry out personal errands to free up your time – personal shopping, dry cleaning, ironing services, shoe repairs, appointment bookings and reservations.
  • Collect your mail whilst on holidays and restock your fridge and pantry prior to returning.
  • Assist small businesses with additional administrative support services (including Xero, MYOB) on an as needs basis. With qualifications in Finance and Business Management and experience running a small business of my own I can be your second set of hands when you need it!
  • Source handyman services for minor fixing and repair work around your home
  • Source trusted trades people and other services for any of your home maintenance needs (domestic cleaners, window and gutter cleaning, painters, garden and lawn maintenance etc)
  • Obtain quotes and schedule maintenance works with service providers.

Affordable Pricing

Life changing services at a price you can afford